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The application ensures complete transparency regarding electricity supplies, eliminating unexpected power outages.
A simple and modern interface makes using the app a pleasure.
Access to the latest real-time data allows users to plan their day considering the availability of power.
Instead of waiting for information from the power provider, users can independently check the supply status in their area.
About Us

India's Power in the Palm of Your Hand

Modern technology has revolutionized the way we observe and interact with the world. One of the pivotal aspects of our daily lives gaining prominence is electric power supply. In response to the growing demand for transparency and accessibility of information on electricity supply, we present to you the "AP Vidyut Pravah" application.

What is it?

What is AP Vidyut Pravah?

AP Vidyut Pravah is a state-of-the-art application tailored to monitor real-time power supplies across diverse localities throughout India. This intuitive platform ensures users can effortlessly ascertain the availability of electrical power in their vicinity and receive predictions for forthcoming hours. By bridging users with the power grid, it guarantees a harmonized and informed electricity experience, transforming the way India interacts with its energy resources. This groundbreaking tool stands as a testament to the union of technology and utility, fostering a revolution in power transparency.


Features and benefits

How does AP Vidyut Pravah function?

AP Vidyut Pravah is an advanced platform that continuously harvests information from various supply points, such as distribution networks and transformer stations. Utilizing sensors scattered throughout India, the application ensures up-to-date and precise data regarding power availability in specific regions. All gathered information is efficiently analyzed and subsequently presented in the form of clear charts and maps. As a result, users gain immediate insight into the state of electric supplies in their area, allowing them to plan their activities with awareness.

Benefits for the Residents of India

Access to a consistent and uninterrupted source of electrical power is fundamental for progress and elevating the quality of life. With "AP Vidyut Pravah," India's inhabitants have at their disposal a tool that empowers them to navigate daily routines and schedule tasks based on electricity availability. This becomes especially critical in areas where power supply has not yet achieved full stability. Such technological innovation not only paves the way for individual convenience but also acts as a catalyst for regional development and enhanced societal well-being. In an age driven by digital transformation, "AP Vidyut Pravah" stands as a testament to India's commitment to elevating its citizens' lives through tech-savvy solutions.

Energy Map

Energy Map in Your Pocket

Imagine having the entire energy map of India literally at your fingertips. You open the app, and before your eyes, pulsating points of light appear in areas where electric power is available, and darkened regions indicate power outages. "AP Vidyut Pravah" embodies this - an interactive, dynamic representation of India's energy landscape on your smartphone screen. This modern application combines cutting-edge technology with essential information on the power network's status, allowing users to precisely track power supplies in real-time. As a result, India's residents can plan their daily activities considering power availability, minimizing unexpected interruptions. It marks a significant step towards full transparency and fairness in energy supply. "AP Vidyut Pravah" is not just a tool but also symbolizes the pursuit of a better, more informed society.

Intelligent Forecasts

Intelligent Forecasts with AP Vidyut Pravah

Our application is not just a tool for monitoring the current state of power supply in India. AP Vidyut Pravah utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms that enable forecasting of future power outages and estimating their anticipated duration. By analyzing historical data, current weather conditions, and scheduled maintenance activities in the network, we can predict unexpected interruptions with impressive accuracy. This forecasting feature places AP Vidyut Pravah at the forefront of innovations in power supply monitoring, allowing Indian residents to better plan their day, thereby minimizing potential inconveniences related to power shortages. In the era of digital transformation, AP Vidyut Pravah provides users with assurance and control over their daily lives.


Personalization with
AP Vidyut Pravah

In the era of digitization and tailoring technology to individual user needs, AP Vidyut Pravah prioritizes personalization. The application offers users advanced notification customization options. They can be set to receive alerts only in situations when the locality of their choice experiences power outages or when maintenance work is planned nearby. But that's not all. The app also provides the ability to create groups - be it family, neighborly, or friendship-based. Within these groups, users can share real-time information on the power supply status in their locations. In cases of prolonged power interruptions, collaborative action planning becomes invaluable. AP Vidyut Pravah is not just a monitoring tool, but also a platform building a community focused on collaboration and sharing vital information for daily life matters.


The AP Vidyut Pravah app is pioneering a revolution in sharing information about power supplies with its unique community feature. Users can not only monitor the current state of electricity supply, but they can also actively participate in the process of informing others about any unforeseen events in the power grid. If you experience a power outage that hasn't yet been marked on the app's map, you have the opportunity to report it. By doing so, your experience and responsiveness will assist other users in gaining a better understanding of the situation in their area. Sharing observations and information fosters the growth of a strong and engaged AP Vidyut Pravah community, where each user feels valued and has a tangible impact on the quality and accuracy of the provided data. This is not just a monitoring app but a genuine collaboration platform for India's residents regarding electrical power supplies.


Your voice matters!

Every app, regardless of its sophistication, can sometimes contain minor oversights or errors. If you notice any discrepancies in the operation of our app or have suggestions for its improvements, we encourage you to contact us. Your feedback and opinions are invaluable to us because they help us refine our product. Thanks to your engagement, we can make our app even better and more tailored to the needs of users. Please, don't hesitate and let us know everything that comes to your mind. We are here for you!

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